The Probacto Hoax: Are Your Doctors Hiding Something?

Alright, so maybe that title is a little bit misleading. I personally don’t think that Probacto’s a hoax. What I do think is a hoax is the way the mainstream medical community ignores research that points to things other than what they learned in medical school. Had I not found Probacto I may have never become a healthy, thriving person ever again.

Understanding Candida

Candida isn’t well understood, and for good reason. It isn’t talked about nearly enough. A friend of mine told me that the interest in Candida is growing slowly and she firmly believes that it will become a topic of hot debate, just like gluten free diets and other diseases, within 10 years. I, personally, think 10 years is far too long to wait.

My journey with Candida began when I was a teenager. I had a horrible diet and I ended up needing at least one filling almost every year. Before long, I had a mouth full of lovely silver fillings, which according to the FDA contain mercury, and even if it’s low levels I just didn’t want it inside me.

Throughout my high school years, I slowly but surely started to gain weight. I wasn’t a sports star or anything special, but I led a pretty active life and liked to hike with friends. As my 5’2” frame neared the 200 pound mark, I became more uncomfortable with myself and attempted to change my diet. I quit drinking soda and replaced most of the junk with fruits and vegetables. I lost a little bit of weight, but not nearly enough.

I constantly felt depressed, but my parents and guidance counselors thought I was being a typical, moody teen. I was tired, had a ton of headaches, and just lost my lust for life. Sounds like the typical teen experience, doesn’t it? Even my doctor told my mom it was probably just a phase I’d grow out of. I couldn’t help but feel like something else was wrong, but no one would really hear me out. I did have all the signs of depression, but besides taking drugs what could be done.

Finding Out About Candida

I found out about Candida from a friend I chatted with online. She was telling me her mom had recently been diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome and that it had been caused by the same sort of yeast that gives us girls vaginal infections. She told me she’d done a lot of reading about it and thought maybe some of my symptoms might’ve matched the symptoms of Candida as well.

I did a quick web search and boy was I surprised. It seemed like everything I’d felt and experienced in the past couple of years could be attributed to Candida – and the thing that stunned me the most was seeing that those icky metal fillings in my mouth might have been one of the main causes.

My research led me to probacto’s blog where I read a lot about home testing. I decided to try the spit test, where you spit into a glass of water first thing in the morning. If your spit floats at the top, you’re fine. If your spit starts to have tendrils or legs reaching down into the water, you likely have Candida overgrowth in your body. I won’t describe what I saw in my glass in great detail, but let’s just say it was really nasty.

Convincing My Mom

I knew I was going to have to take action, so I did a lot more research. I had to convince my mom of three things. First, that I wasn’t just a depressed teen; second, that I had a Candida infection; and third, that in addition to detoxifying treatments I was going to need to have my silver fillings, containing mercury, replaced with the newer composite white fillings.

Mom wasn’t as easy to convince as I’d hoped, but since I was straightforward and organized about presenting the information to her. I showed her Probacto’s free books, and she saw that they were well detailed, and even if I didn’t have Candida it was such a healthy diet. She agreed to at least order some Probacto probiotics and see if I had positive results within a few months. She also got me on their special diet, and we eventually compromised that if she saw improvement within a few months she’d agree to go ahead and let me get my fillings replaced.

The Stunning Results

Candida in the body just looks for ways to thrive and turn to fungus. Just a few weeks after cleaning up my diet, I started to have more energy. I wasn’t running to the couch for a nap right after school and my complexion even cleared up a bit. I also dropped 10 pounds almost immediately.

After a couple of months, I was continuing to lose weight, my chronic headaches were gone, and even my grades were improving because I was able to focus better during the day.

My mom kept her end of the bargain, too. I kept taking probiotics daily and stuck with a candida diet, and she found a dentist who understood the need for removing the mercury fillings. I had them taken out six months ago.

Don’t let your doctor or anyone else talk you into thinking that the Candida hoax exists. It’s not a hoax at all. It’s a real condition most people, even doctors, don’t understand. If I hadn’t found Probacto’s website I might still be suffering. Think about your symptoms and talk to someone. You may have just stumbled upon the answer you’ve been waiting for your entire life.

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