Survey And Review of Canxida – The CanxidaRemove

It worked as it’s intended. Additionally, the 45% Flavonoid report is true, if we are to judge by its efficacy. Thank you, my Korean brethren to find out about the grapefruit seeds. The only way to complete extermination is either by burning or liquification, I like the way you think.

I know most of you will just shake heads and move on unless you have an underlying passion for causes and effects; then we will enjoy this conversation. So back to the seed extract.
After going through 50+ websites on blocking pathogenic cells’ enzyme activities, I found it to be true. The American Research Institute site is one of them, which stated it to be effective against 800 different types (species and subspecies) of bacteria and viruses in one of their reports. The 100 types of yeast and fungi are not included in the former count.

It also caught my eye because I was tired of pharmaceutical antibiotics, antibacterials and the rest in that class; just no amount or medication was doing me any good. Looking out for better remedies brought me across juglone and tannins from black walnut and they seemed interesting. A report from the University of Mississippi (1999) was convincing and I’m convinced it works better than all those popular mixes coming with zinc undecylenate, selenium sulfide and the likes. I also noticed neem to be there and it is a well-known, effective anti-fungal measure. That includes Aspergillus and Microsporum along with Candida. I’m, however, not quite sure if it is this good taken alone, in the sense, without probiotics. Perhaps you should consult a licensed and practicing physician if yours is severe.

Now, while you may ask what’s the point in putting together several antifungals together and giving it a name, my point is this: Proportions matter and it’s a first-hand experience.

CanXida Remover has couple more things I didn’t notice in candida curing products I used so far. One is Berberine HCL (concentrated, 85%). Now, I found it hard believing it’s a natural chemical after I read its name. Its antibiotic-resembling actions, I guess, are what speeds up healing. Apart from candida albicans and giardia, I think it cures strep infection too and guards the mucous membranes while killing the bacteria. The rawness and the cracked voice started bettering within 4 days and I digested food better.

What I yet have to know is if it’s good as a preventive measure. The problem is, you can’t just force it down someone apparently healthy. Not even with the excuse of lumpsomes of the B-vitamin Biotin into it. When candida levels are balanced, the probiotic bacteria makes enough to maintain a good build; once they are compromised, the Candida start growing roots and suck out the nourishment straight from the blood. This is when your health breaks and symptoms surface. The Biotinidase enzyme (Biotin recycler) also hits rock bottom and things deteriorate further.

I also think it works better with a deworming beforehand. Make sure you pop the pill after dinner and never on an empty stomach.

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