My Review Of Candia5 Candida Testing Method Candia5

If you were not able to find any candia5 review then I will share my review of this test kit here.

Look online searching for ways to test for candida, and what do you see. Boring surveys, diagnosing symptoms and the almighty saliva test. Of course there are also highly expensive labs to go to, and that works for those of us who have money, but I needed something that was more reliable than everything else.

These are the most popular methods of testing for Candida, and my thoughts on them.

Candida saliva test – I cannot believe how popular and recommended this test is when to me it just seems to be a complete fraud. There is no basis for why or how it detects candida and we’re all supposed to just believe that if your saliva looks a certain way then you have it, and the people who confirm the accuracy state some insanely high numbers when it hasn’t been tested at all.

Candida Symptoms – This is a great way to analyze your symptoms and see what makes you sick, and to further deduce if you have candida. It’s not an amazing method in and of itself, but you can look at the symptoms that most candida sufferers have, and make better educated decisions. It’s not my favorite method though because it leaves a lot up to you to guess and if you have a certain opinion, it will flow towards there.

Candida Survey – This uses a method similar to the symptoms, and I am sure the surveys are usually highly polished and well thought out by the makers of the survey, but I find that the average person doesn’t really know what high pains are. I remember being at the doctor’s office and they asked me on a scale of 1-10 how much does my back hurt, it doesn’t really make sense, what is a 10, and what is a 1. When do the symptoms matter, what if you used to have certain symptoms but no longer suffer from them, etc. I feel like using this method of testing is super difficult to accurately diagnose, and is once again not my favorite.

Lab tests – These are usually highly accurate and you need your doctor to take the sample (most likely blood), and you wait a week for your results. This is a great method of testing if you have the time to wait and resources to spare, and I am not against anybody using this method to test for candida.

Candia5 Test – This is also a blood test which is very similar to a lab test when testing for candida. It tests your antibodies for candida and if you have too much it will then detect to see if you have an infestation or not. This test provides results within 5 minutes and is my favorite method and because of that is my favorite method of testing for candida. If I were to choose one this would be it.

I think that testing for candida can be very difficult if you approach it the wrong way which many people do. They go on year long treatment regimens and in reality they do not have candida at all. Or they might take a saliva test which tells them they are perfectly clean, but lo and behold they have candida. If you are diligent in doing your research and choosing the best method for you, you will be much happier.

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