How To Treat A Bloating Stomach?

Bloating of the stomach can be very uncomfortable. This effect can be observed when babies experience bloating. They suddenly cry and become very restless. This is due to the discomfort that it brings. Have ever woke up in the middle of the night because you feel full and no matter what you do you can’t burp it out or you don’t feel like defecating? This are the things we hate about bloating, this total discomfort. The treatment of bloating depends on what causes it. The first you need to know is to observe your symptoms other than the feeling of fullness itself.

In Gas pains or flatus, you must remember that swallowed air makes up 40 percent of the flatus in the GIT, so the first thing to do when bloated is to stop talking or avoid opening your mouth. Relief can be attained by taking Simethicone. A medicine that dissolves gas bubbles. This medicine is marketed as Mylicon. In order to prevent the recurrence of forming gas pains, you should start changing your diet. You should avoid eating gas producing food and beverages. Examples of food that forms gas is asparagus, Brussels, cauliflower, green peas, beans, fruits such as raw apples. You also need to avoid drinking carbonated beverages, lactose milk and dairy products. Another helpful change in the diet would be minimizing fatty food because when digested, it fat is broken down into fatty acids which are gas formers.

When the cause of the condition is constipation, or inability to pass out stool for more than 3 days, relief can be attained by resting the bowel. These means that you will not eat or drink any thing until your bowel movement will resume. A helpful remedy is taking laxatives but you should consult your doctor for your dose because overdosing of laxatives may cause Loose Bowel Movement or diarrhea. In order to avoid constipation, it is advised that we include fiber rich food in our diets and drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. It is also important to avoid stress in any form. Studies show that stress alone can depress the immune system of the body leaving us more prone to diseases.

When bloating is accompanied by fever and watery stool, you should consult a doctor immediately. This might be a case of infectious diarrhea and fluid replacement might be necessary.

Generally, to maintain the normal peristalsis of our gastrointestinal tract and to be able to pass flatus out of the stomach, we must have some sort of physical activity that keeps our muscles toned. Movement alone can relieve gas pains and constipation. People with sedentary lifestyle are more prone to digestive disorders compared to those who are physically active. It is recommended that people who are between 40-70 years old to indulge in mind and body exercise sessions.

It is still very important to see your physician when you bloating is persistent or when it becomes recurrent. It might just be a part of a bigger problem in the body.

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